This tutorial is kindly provided by the plugin developer.

You can access the full plugin's documentation here:

WP Accessibility Helper sidebar provides the basic accessibility tools and helps your site to be much more accessible.

1. Full list of the plugin features:

  1. Contrast mode (color gamma)
  2. Font size (rem or zoom)
  3. Unload all css files (display page in raw html)
  4. Underline all links
  5. Highlight all links
  6. Attachments control center with ability add/edit images titles and alt tags ( screenshot #4 )
  7. Alt+Z - open accessibility sidebar
  8. Alt+X - close accessibility sidebar
  9. more info about accesskeys HERE
  10. Control all attachments images from one place with AJAX functions
  11. role="link" for each a tag
  12. Remove title attributes from links
  13. HTML5 Landmark control center ( screenshot #5 )
  14. Save contrast mode with user cookies
  15. Clear selection from cookies
  16. Hide for mobile devices - controls
  17. Sidebar position (left or right)
  18. Greyscale images controls
  19. Dark & Light Themes controls
  20. Font family controls (CSS Web Safe Font Combinations)
  21. Invert colors & images mode
  22. Remove CSS Animations option
  23. Readable Font option (quick swtich to Arial font family)
  24. Sortable widgets order (drag and drop)
  25. DOM Scanner - check pages and post for accessibility errors, like: image alt, links role and titles, and much more.

About the plugin author:


WP Accessibility Helper Attachments control screen


Live demo here

Donate & Docs

Donate & Docs here

Important Notice!

WP Accessibility Helper makes it possible to improve accessibility on your website, but in any case does not guarantee 100% result (at any level: A, AA, AAA). In order for your site to be at 100% accessible to people with disabilities, you should consult an expert.

More information about "what is web accessibility?" you can find here:

2. Installation

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-accessibility-helper directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Accessibility screen to configure the plugin
  4. Accessibility admin menu - the main plugin options
  5. Attachments Control - allows you control all images uploaded to media
  6. Landmark & CSS - ARIA, HTML5 and custom CSS properties
  7. Contribute - Contribute =)
3. Screenshots

  1. 1.png

    WP Accessibility Helper Settings Page ( screenshot #1 )

  2. 2.png

  3. WP Accessibility Helper Settings Page - part 2 ( screenshot #1 )

  4. 3.png

  5. WP Accessibility Helper Front-end opened sidebar ( screenshot #3 )

  6. 4.png

  7. WP Accessibility Helper Attachments control center (admin-side) ( screenshot #4 )

  8. 5.png

  9. WP Accessibility Helper Landmark control center (admin-side) ( screenshot #5 )

  10. 6.png

  11. WP Accessibility Helper Sidebar with "Rowling" WordPress Theme ( screenshot #6 )

  12. 7.png

  13. WP Accessibility Helper Sortable Widgets